Friday, July 17, 2009

Is He a Good Baby?

When I was pregnant, the question I got most was, "Is it a boy or a girl?" Due to the fact we weren't finding out ahead of schedule, I always seemed to disappoint people with my answer. However, old skool type people usually had the reaction my grandmother did, "There are so few surprises left in this world- good for you!". That question was often followed with, "How will you decorate the nursery?" My thoughts hearken back to Jamaica, where kids share beds with multiple family members, and a baby most certainly would not have its own room. "Safari," I'd say, "inspired by a trip to Africa." Then they'd say, "What will you do if it's a girl?" Ummmm....last I checked, the appreciation of wildlife is neither masculine or feminine! Guess Raf cut it close on that one.

Now when I'm out and about, the question I get asked EVERY DAY is, "Is he a good baby?" This question puzzles me. Of course, I always answer with my usual, "Yes, he's great...", but it has led me to analyze this question repeatedly.

1) What IS a good baby? My mom assures me that if he were a 'bad' baby, I'd know it. Crying & screaming repeatedly, I suppose. But, since babies aren't really willful and with the capacity to do evil, I think this adjective is unnecessary.

2) Even if he WAS a bad baby, would I tell a complete stranger? There seems to be some sort of unspoken bond I have with my child. Poop stories, sure, I'll tell them. Breast milk leakage, I'll admit. But telling someone at the grocery store (note the theme- I get out once a week :) that my kid is "bad" is just not something I'm going to do.

Perhaps if he was a bad baby, and I actually told said stranger, I'd surprise them even more by saying, "Here- want to take him home?"

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