Monday, June 29, 2009

"Nice Lookin' Papoose Ya Got There..."

So, I know I live in NW Indiana, but I would have thought the Baby Bjorn had been out for quite some time. Mondays are my grocery shopping day, as I find that the store is quieter, and I'm not as rushed and in the way. So I strap Raf to me in the Baby Bjorn, and off we go. But in two consecutive visits, I've had the same comments.

I'm checking out, and an older man is bagging the groceries with a middle aged woman. I'm seriously 3 feet away.

Old Man: Well, lookie there. What's she got on, a papoose or something? Looks like an Indian thing.

Woman: Those? Um, those have been out since the 80's I think. See how he's been asleep the whole time she was shopping?

Old Man: Since when did we get our parenting ideas from the Indians?

Me: (thinking) I can HEAR you!

As Laura Collins pointed out, Native Americans are an underrepresented group in offensive comments this day in age, so I suppose he was trying to boost those numbers?

So then, today. 6/29/09

Me: (in the fruit and vegetable aisle)

Old Lady: Nice lookin' papoose you got there!

I cannot be the only person shopping that occasionally straps their child to them. Can I?


  1. May I add...had it been a guy saying, "nice little papoose", I may have thought they were hitting on me!

  2. Certainly you can't be the only one carrying their baby in a sling. I think old folks just like to share their comments, appropriate or not.

    I met an elderly neighbor yesterday walking his dog, and he asked me if I had a baby on the way. I informed him I did, and he said, "Well, you look it!"

    Good to know.