Saturday, August 1, 2009

If Ignorance Isn't Bliss, It Must Be Pretty Badass

I usually do all the grocery shopping midday, to best coincide with my energy level, and the eating/napping schedule of my son. Across from our local supermarket is a lovely United Methodist church; it reminds me of the setting of hysterical "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" movie. Like many churches, it has a 'bell tower' playing recorded melodies of Christian hymns. This particular one plays contemporary Praise & Worship music, interestingly enough. I always enjoy the uplifting melodies, even if I don't happen to recognize the tune.

Anyway, when leaving the store recently (so, um, July), I saw a mother, her husband/boyfriend, and child on their way in. It being noon and all, the bells were all a-chiming, and the sun was shining bright. Glorious. Well. Until I heard the woman say, "Holy F***, hasn't Christmas been over for a while? What the f*** are the holiday bells about, anyway?" The man laughed, too, in agreement. Holding her hand was our nation's future, a bright eyed six-year-old little girl.

Does it hurt to be that ignorant, I want to know, or is it just awesome?

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